OligoSpec Calculator

OligoSpec™ Calculator

The OligoSpec™ calculator provides the physical properties for your oligo design. Quickly calculate your oligo’s molecular weight and extinction coefficient.


Reaction Estimator

Enter some basic information about your reaction conditions to find out the number of reactions your amount of oligo can potentially perform.

oligo resuspension

Oligo Resuspension Calculator

Easily create a stock solution by allowing the resuspension calculator take the guesswork out of dissolving your oligo.

oligo dilution

Oligo Dilution Calculator

Use the oligo dilution calculator to determine the dilution of oligo solutions and create aliquots for working stocks.


Oligo Concentration Calculator

Use an absorption measurement from a spectrophotometer and the extinction coefficient to quickly confirm the concentration of oligos in solution.

fluorescence spectral overlay

Spectral Overlay Tool for Multiplexed qPCR

Visualize the absorption and emission spectra for common fluorescent dyes and quenchers. Overlay them as multiplexed sets according to recommended combinations for each qPCR device.